Tuesday - Friday 9:30am - 11:00am
Weekends 8:30am - 11:00am


The Big Yarra                      $24.50
Eggs your way, chipolata sausage, baked tomato, hash brown, avocado and bacon served on toasted rye
French Toast                     $19.50
Served with seasonal fruit, maple syrup and crumbed shortbread
Mushrooms and Prosciutto                   $22.50
Poached eggs with herb fried mushrooms and prosciutto served with feta and dukkah on toasted rye
Eggs Benedict                     $21.00
Poached eggs over your choice of bacon or smoked salmon on toasted rye with hollandaise sauce
Smashed Avo                     $22.00
Avocado with eggs your way, basil oil, cherry tomatoes, feta, sprinkled with pine nuts served on toasted rye
Eggs on Toast                            $12.50
Eggs your way with baked tomato served on toasted rye
Housemade Granola               $15.00
Housemade granola served with seasonal fruits and yoghurt
Kids Breakfast (Comes with Apple Poppa)            $14.00
Scrambled eggs and bacon with baked tomato served on toast
Cloudy Eggs  (weekends only)             $15.00
Egg yolks in a savoury meringue served with toasted rye topped with spinach

Add On:
Avocado, bacon, hash brown, chipolata sausage                 $4.00
Spinach, mushrooms, baked tomato                                     $3.00
Gluten free bread                                                                       $2.50



Tuesday - Sunday 11:30 am - 2:30pm


Garlic Bread            $7.00
Chicken Liver Pate                       $15.50
Zucchini Balls with Tzatziki                      $12.50


Quinoa           $19.50
Quinoa, almonds, roast sweet potato, pepitas and feta tossed through rocket
Roast Beetroot and Zucca                      $17.50
Baby spinach, roast beetroot, pumpkin and almonds tossed and topped with feta
Caesar           $18.50
Cos lettuce, bacon bits, croutons and parmesan cheese topped with a boiled egg and served with traditional dressing

Light Lunch

Toasted Turkish Roll           $13.50
your choice of:
No.1 Smoked salmon, tartar sauce and Spanish onions
No.2 Chicken, avocado and mayo
No. 3 Ham, cheese and tomato
No. 4 Roast pumpkin, beetroot, spinach and mayo
Plate For Two            $17.50
Prosciutto and smoked salmon served with bread and condiments
Mum's Pork Belly Bites           $17.00
Pork belly bites served with Mum's sauce and mixed herbs


Chicken Burger            $22.00
Chicken breast served in a Turkish roll with lettuce, tomato, onion and mayo with a side of chips
Beef Goulash            $23.50
Slow cooked beef Goulash served on a bed of turmeric rice with a side of sour cream
Vegetarian Risotto           $23.50
Creamy risotto with mushroom and Spanish onion topped with parmesan cheese
Vegetarian Linguine           $21.50
Roast pumpkin, Spanish onion, spinach, cherry tomatoes and jalapenos mixed through linguine and topped with parmesan cheese
Fish and Chips           $22.50
Beer battered flat head served with chips and salad with a side of tartar sauce
Salmon in a Bag           $25.00
Steamed salmon with roasted vegetables served in a bag

Kids Lunch
All kids meals come with an apple juice poppa

Nuggets and Chips           $13.50
Five nuggets served with chips and tomato sauce
Little Fish            $13.50
Battered fish served with chips and tomato sauce
Mac n' Cheese           $12.50
Macaroni pasta with a creamy cheese sauce and bacon bits


Add On:
Bowl of chips                                                                       $7.00
Chicken, smoked salmon  or prosciutto                       $5.00
Side salad                                                                            $4.00
Gluten free bread                                                              $2.50


Sweet Options

Tuesday - Sunday All Day

House Made Scones of the Day          $7.50
fresh scones of the day served with cream and jam
Banana Bread            $7.00
Toasted banana bread served with butter and a side of maple syrup
Devonshire Special         $10.00
regular tea or coffee  with either plain scones served with jam and cream or banana bread served with butter and maple syrup
Fruit Salad                        $11.50
Seasonal fruit served with a waffle cone and maple syrup
Affogato  (over 18 only)                      $14.00
Double shot of espresso coffee with vanilla ice cream and your choice of Frangelico or Baileys

See our display fridge for cakes


Canine Cuisine
Dog friendly foods for your furry friend
Tuesday - Sunday All Day

Chicken Pasta                           $5.50
Chicken with linguine pasta
Doggy Biscuits                          $5.00







GF = Gluten Free, V = Vegetarian, VG = Vegan


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