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Patterns In Nature

Sun 25 February, 3:00 pm
Fri 23 March, 5:00 pm

Art Exhibition by ASOC Contemporary Art Group



"We live surrounded by patterns of nature.  There is the detail of finely veined leaves, the infinite repetition in flower centres or the varied colours of beach pebbles in a pool or of a wood fungus.  More widely, landscapes can show the strong verticals of eucalypt forestor broad horizontals of deserts. It can also show the results of thousands of years of climatic change and traces of the people who passed through it.  New patterns emerge when people interact with their natural surroundings – like the geometry of farmland and working harbours.

Skies layer the suns’ rays, clouds and distant hills.  And at night, they show the biggest pattern of all, as the Milky Way spirals through the universe.
This exhibition explores our different visions of the patterns of nature that surround us – small and intimate or on a wider scale and ranging through varied shapes, colours, perspectives and techniques.
We hope you enjoy it!"

-Artists’ Society of Canberra – ASOC Contemporary Group


We are proud to have the return of the ASOC Contemporary group here at Yarralumla Gallery for our March Exhibition.

We are so lucky to have such a range of talent in one place showing the amazing work of:

Joan Costanzo
Anne McDermott
Lynn Nicholas
Cheryl Parkins
Sue Reynolds
Elizabeth Rogers
Brigitte Schreiter
Peggy Spratt
Tricia Wheatstone
Arlene Williams
Peter  Wyrdeman


The ASOC Contemporary Group has met weekly since 2007 and in that time, have held nine group exhibitions. 
Many members have had other regular exhibitions and some have had solo shows; several have won prizes in ASOC shows.
Each artist has developed their own ways of working in colours and images, but a common thread that each agree on is the weekly meetings to paint as a group is a personal highlight.


"We are open to varied art and cultural influences and to learning new techniques.  We enjoy the slide of paint on canvas and the way water can make its own decisions about where to push colour.  We experiment and share the results.  We mix techniques and mediums.  We like making lines and might paint within them – or over them. This is ASOC Contemporary."


The Exhibition 'Patterns In Nature' will be opened on Sunday the 25th of February by the wonderful Harriet Elvin at 3pm.
Please join us to admire this groups art; all pieces will be available for sale, so don't miss out!
some food and drink will be provided.


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