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Painting The Town Exhibition

Sun 24 February, 3:00 pm
Thu 28 March, 4:00 pm


ASOC Contemporary Group


Exhibition at the Yarralumla Gallery and Brasserie

24 February to 28 March  2019

The Artists

Sue Cook
Anne McDermott
Lynn Nicholas
Cheryl Parkins
Sue Reynolds
Alison Rimes
Elizabeth Rogers
Brigitte Schreiter
Peggy Spratt
Rosemary von Behrens
Arlene Williams
Peter  Wyrdeman


The Exhibition

Our cities and towns reflect us, and how and where we live. Some cities are vertical and dense, with striking architectural forms and the intense energy that comes from the push and pull of a large, dense and diverse population.  Some cities may have horizontal suburbs of detached houses and gardens.  Others are small villages where the colour is very local and life is lived in walking distance. Cities and towns may show centuries of tradition or be a contemporary creation – or both.  Whatever their form, cities and towns attract people and foster the sharing, learning and mixing that are basic to colourful cultural life. 

Cities and towns are never complete – they constantly change with us in ways that may reflect a consensus or might be controversial or even unacceptable.  Cities cause us problems and stress and they liberate our talents – often at the same time. 

No wonder towns excite artists. 

Our exhibition presents ways of seeing our towns and cities, with a diversity of shapes, colours, perspectives and techniques.  We may recognise some images, while others illustrate a more abstract approach based on rhythms akin to music.  Some of us focus on city life’s small details, others take a more expansive view. 

All are ways of  ‘Painting the Town’. 


The Group – ASOC Contemporary

Our group has met weekly since 2007 and we have had ten group exhibitions.  Many members have had their own or other group exhibitions.  Several of us have won prizes, including Peggy Spratt’s recent sculpture prize at ASOC’s  2019 Spring Exhibition. 

We are open to influences, interpretations and new techniques.  We enjoy the slide of paint on canvas and the way water makes its own decisions about colour.  We experiment and share the results.  We mix techniques and mediums.  We make lines and might paint within them – or over them. 

For all of us, painting together each Friday as ASOC Contemporary is a personal highlight. 

We are ASOC Contemporary.


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